Paradise islands you need to visit before they disappear

  • Kiribati


According to climate change projections, the 33 coral atolls and reef islands that make up the destination could be submerged by the end of the century.In anticipation, the Kiribati government purchased 6,000 acres of land in Fiji, where they can relocate their people.

  • Marshall Islands


Situated only three feet above sea level, the islands are pummeled by regular high tides, destroying houses along the way.

  • Palau


A tiny population of 21,000 spreads across 250 islands to form the Republic of Palau in the western Pacific Ocean. The effects of climate change have been described as a “slow-moving tsunami.”

  • Fiji


The island is known as the ‘soft coral capital of the world’ and is popular among surfers. Rising sea levels pose a menacing threat to the chain of 332 islands, and flooding has already forced families living in the seaside village of Vunidogoloa on Fiji’ second biggest island Vanua Levu, to relocate.

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