Don’t do these things abroad!!!

  • France-Don’t talk or ask about money! Asking about money is impolite in many countries but French sometimes treat this especially critically.


  • Japan-Don’t leave tips! Japanese are proud to provide the best service as standard without waiting for the tips.
  • Mexico – Don’t get offended at locals’ jokes! Locals love to make jokes and they are generally fun and innocent, so treat it that way.


  • Norway – Don’t ask about going to church! Many people don’t go to church at all and such question would be rude to ask.
  • Turkey – Don’t show OK gesture cause it’s very offensive! This is an obscene gesture in Turkey.


  • Ukraine – Don’t give an even number of flowers! People in Ukraine as well as in most Slavic countries bring even number of flowers to the cemeteries
  • India – Don’t touch the opposite sex in public!Kissing or holding hand are also forbidden being considered as something highly inappropriate to do in public.


  • Ireland – Don’t try to imitate Irish accent! Locals don’t think they have any accent at all. There are only accents of other parts of Ireland that they recognise as such.


  • Germany – Don’t congratulate on birthday before the day! People believe that the person may not live to the birthday if congratulated with it beforehand.
  • Kenya – Don’t call people by name first! Only do it after someone has called you by the name first.


  • Chile – Don’t eat with your hands! Manners matter here.
  • Singapore – Don’t eat in public transport! Also don’t feed birds, and don’t throw garbage and don’t spit on the street.


  • USA – Don’t forget to leave tips! Tipping is obligatory and there are even rates of how much to tip for any service you use.
  • UK – Don’t ask how much people earn! Such behaviour is usually condemned.


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