10 best places to see in Italy




The city of Capri is a gem of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Campania region of Italy. Though it is small in size, the city-island is full of beauty and delights. Abundant in natural splendour and a variety of sights, it is hard to imagine anyone who will not be enticed by the vibrancy of this city that has been an adored resort since the time of the Roman Republic. Capri is known to have attracted many European artists, writers and other celebrities who have left their mark in exhibitions and memoirs that you can explore across the 12 churches and 7 museums and monuments. From the grottos to the galleries, this is a great and unique place to visit while in Italy.


6.Pompeii & Herculaneum


The ruins of this doomed ancient town, buried by lava and ashes from the erupting Vesuvius volcano, are a marvel to explore. Indeed, there’s no doubt that Pompeii ranks among the most famous tourist attractions of Italy, and rightly so. With so much to see, it can take several hours to wander the old Roman streets and explore the amphitheatre and Forum, the shops and brothels and even view 2,000 year-old graffiti on the walls. Less well known, and certainly less crowded, nearby Herculaneum arguably contains better preserved ruins than its grander neighbour and is certainly worth making the time to visit.

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